Pagoda Climbing Frame
Pagoda Climbing Frame Pagoda Climbing Frame Pagoda Climbing Frame

Challenger Module


The challenger does its name justice. The sloping look immediately triggers children to clamber and climb the different sides of their very own backyard ’mountain’. They will sleep very well after their challenging expeditions to the top.

The challenger is the deluxe version of the add-on swing. The swing beam has room for two swing accessories. In addition, it has a sloping platform construction that can be accessed from three sides. Choose the large wide climbing wall with climbing stones, the climbing net or the crooked ladder to the top.


  • 4 swing hooks
  • rock wall
  • net
  • ladder
  • no seats (please add the seats of your choice)

Can take one oval swing and one single seat at the same time.

Can be attached to towers with 120-150cm platform height

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Additional information

Optional Swing Seats

1 Oval Swing and 1 Baby Seat, 1 Oval Swing and 1 Trapeze, 1 Plastic Seat + 1 Ring Trapeze, 1 Plastic Seat and 1 Baby Seat, 2 Pinewood Swing Seats, 2 Plastic Swing Seats, Not Required


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